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Introducing Zeste Shampoo Bar—a carefully crafted formula for those seeking both effectiveness and ecological mindfulness. The energizing essential oils of bergamot, pine scotch, lime and marjoram transform your washing routine into a sensory experience. Infused with green French clay and spirulina, this shampoo bar offers a conscientious choice for hair care that's both refreshing and environmentally friendly.

key ingredients

cacao butter: rich and creamy, it adds natural sheen and conditioning.

coconut oil: provides refined nourishment for a soft texture.

vitamin B5: reinforces strength and vitality with precision.

hydrolyzed oat protein: delicately revitalizes for effective results.

green french clay: gently detoxifies, promoting a healthy scalp and vibrant hair.

essential oils: naturally scented with bergamot, pine scotch, lime, and marjoram, this crowd pleaser is sure to leave you energized.


2.1 inches diameter, weight: ~70g


Only 5 left in stock
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