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say goodbye to those throbbing headaches and welcome a breath of relaxation with our lavender and peppermint headache roller. crafted with care, this aromatic blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils is your ticket to natural, drug-free relief.

key features:

natural healing: our headache roller is a natural, plant-based solution for alleviating headaches and migraines. lavender and peppermint essential oils have been trusted for centuries for their soothing properties.

aromatherapy at its best: the calming essence of lavender and the invigorating scent of peppermint come together to create a refreshing aroma.

on-the-go relief: compact and convenient, our roller fits easily in your bag or pocket, ready to provide relief wherever you are. the mess-free roller applicator ensures easy and precise application.

non-greasy formula: our headache roller is thoughtfully designed to absorb quickly into the skin, leaving no oily residue.

versatile usage: not just for headaches – our roller can also be used to relieve stress, ease sinus congestion, or promote relaxation. keep it on hand for a variety of wellness needs.

how to use:

1.with our easy application simply roll the headache roller onto your temples, wrists, or neck, and let the natural ingredients work their magic. the cooling sensation of peppermint and the relaxing qualities of lavender will quickly ease tension and discomfort.

2.we always recommend rolling it on the inside of your palms, rubbing together and inhaling 3-5 times to help the oils get into your system for even faster relief.


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